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Feast High Country Harvest 2019 The Oven@Cheshunt BRUNCH

Tour the region’s wild food, talk to a craft brewer, enjoy communal lunches and stock up at the famers markets in country Victoria.

Join us for brunch where you can enjoy Palatschinken (Austrian Style Crêpes) with walnuts or fruit fillings; Sourdough Pita with Goat sausage & seasonal herbs and Breakfast Pizza with an Austrian twist. Enjoy an Organic coffee or glass of Prosecco (after 10am) with Cheesecake and fresh berries or Strudels (poppy, hazelnut or apple).

Bona Fide Valley Brunch

The Oven at Cheshunt, 451 King Valley Road, Cheshunt

Sunday 5 May from 8:30am


Bona Fide Valley Brunch

High Country Harvest festival