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King Valley Walnuts

Award winning King Valley Walnuts is part of a family farm on 170 hectares (420 acres) at Myrrhee in the picturesque and lush King Valley in North east Victoria.

The Walnut orchards are situated on the 15 Mile Creek, in Victoria’s High Country and were developed from what had been a Hop farm. With encyclopaedic botanical knowledge and a lot of hard work Mike and Carol have transformed the property into a bounteous and beautiful Walnut farm. They have progressively built and equipped a processing facility where the walnuts are washed, dried, graded and packed.

Their aim has been to develop a sustainable primary production business producing the highest quality Walnuts.

Myrrhee Premium Boer Goat

Welcome to Myrrhee Premium Boer Goats

At Myrrhee Premium Boer Goats, our medium sized, heavy goats are free to graze on our well maintained 125acre property in Myrrhee. This ensures our premium Boer Goats are well nourished as nature intended, maintaining peak condition to consistently produce high quality registered Boer Goat breeders and a continuous supply of premium quality Boer goat meat and capretto to Australian and overseas buyers.

We make it a priority to ensure the health and happiness of our herd is maintained. We guarantee our goats are free from pesticides, disease or genetic mutation. Bred from award winning Australian Boer Goat progeny, we offer full blooded Myrrhee Premium Boer Goat stock for purchase to goat breeders seeking high quality Boer goats for herd improvement and increased meat yield or to new businesses as foundation stock. Ask to view our award winning Boer goat bucks now available for stud service.

Originally imported into Australia in the late 1980’s, the Boer goat has quickly been recognised as a firstclass meat goat.  Myrrhee Premium Boer goat meat and the wonderfully tender speciality cut, capretto is highly sought in Melbourne and across Australia.




Farm Gate – Goat Meat & Gourmet Sausages
1094 Benalla – Whitfield Rd, Myrrhee
03 5729 7522
Open Weekends and by appointment


Goat Farming

Warrawee Apple Orchard

​Warrawee Apple Orchard was established in 1895. Eight acres of trees provide 10 different old and rare varieties with unique flavours. Our farm has been chemical-free for 6 years.

​(03) 5729 8331

Apples (Feb-May)
Pears (Feb-May)
Nashi (Feb-May)

FARM GATE – when in season
206 Rose River Road, Cheshunt VIC

​Local businesses in Whitfield & Cheshunt – when in season