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King Valley Balloon Festival

The inaugural King Valley Balloon Festival was held on the Queens Birthday Weekend June 2018

Pack the family in the car and come to the King Valley to see the balloons drift over the region.

Please note, all flights and landing locations are weather dependent. Follow us on Facebook for balloon location updates across the weekend.

Afternoon Flight From 3pm Sunday

Balloons will be launching from sites around Whitfield town centre.

This is your perfect opportunity to take in the sight of balloons flying over the valley, as you enjoy the King Valley. Pick your vantage spot and settle in.

Some images captured over the weekend


Feast High Country Harvest 2019 The Oven@Cheshunt BRUNCH

Tour the region’s wild food, talk to a craft brewer, enjoy communal lunches and stock up at the famers markets in country Victoria.

Join us for brunch where you can enjoy Palatschinken (Austrian Style Crêpes) with walnuts or fruit fillings; Sourdough Pita with Goat sausage & seasonal herbs and Breakfast Pizza with an Austrian twist. Enjoy an Organic coffee or glass of Prosecco (after 10am) with Cheesecake and fresh berries or Strudels (poppy, hazelnut or apple).

Bona Fide Valley Brunch

The Oven at Cheshunt, 451 King Valley Road, Cheshunt

Sunday 5 May from 8:30am


Bona Fide Valley Brunch

High Country Harvest festival

King Valley Art Show

Queen’s Birthday Weekend

The King Valley Art Show  is held over the Queen’s Birthday Weekend and attracts over 400 artworks from local, intrastate and interstate artists, crafted in a diverse range of styles and mediums. 

Venue:  King Valley Cucina & King River Brewing                                                               4515 Wangaratta – Whitfield Road, Whitfield

kvas a2

about the Committee that makes this event possible…

KVAS Inc is made up of enthusiastic art-lovers from the King Valley and surrounds who also share a passion for the King Valley as a place to live and visit.

This group meets regularly for much of the year to co-ordinate the art show and ensure a worthwhile experience for the large number of visitors. There is much ‘behind-the-scenes’ activity. Each show benefits from the experiences and feedback of previous events, and comments from visitors, artists and sponsors are always welcome.

Until late in 2011 KVAS Inc operated as a sub- committee of the King Valley Tourism Association Inc. It is now a not-for-profit incorporated body.

Current committee members are Anita Laurence (President), Emma Jones (Vice President), Michael Ashby (Secretary), Rowena Tainton (Treasurer), Julie Tyler, Karen Watson, & Brianna Munt.

Vale Barbara Ann Sartori 1960 – 2013
A committee member since the inception of the King Valley Art Show. Sadly missed.

Past committee members:

Chris Hazel (2007 – 2013)
Wendy Wilson (1998 – 2011)
Bernadette Kock
Sue Rowell
Lynda Hood
Carmel O’Beirne
Paul Koulis
Julie Carolane
Margaret Butt
Megan Star
Rob Humphrey
Kath Ellem

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