Chinese Memorial at Whitefield Cemetery King Valley

Hume & Hovells’ 1824 exploration of the North East opened the door for European settlers to begin  to move to the North-East in large numbers.  It was the discovery of gold at Beechworth and in the Ovens Valley in the 1850s that spurred a temporary population boom that included thousands of Chinese migrants seeking their fortune.

Predominantly originating from the Guangdong Province, the miners brought their own customs and culture with them. Their encampments contained places of worship, as well as shops, opium dens, and market gardens.

Unfortunately, the arrival of Chinese migrants was not always met with welcome and tensions mounted causing a number of incidents, most notably The Buckland Riot of 1857, which occurred when a large number of Europeans violently stormed a Chinese camp.  In reponse, the Victorian Government provided compensation to the miners after the riot and encouraged them to return under the protection of police and an appointed Chinese Protector.

Eventually new cross-cultural interactions such as the first celebration of Chinese New Year in the area,  met with awe and curiosity, with many locals joining in the festivities and sampling new food and music.

After the Gold rush, many Chinese migrants returned home. However, a number settled in the area as merchants, market gardeners and, notably, as tobacco and hops farmers both in the Ovens, King and eventually Buffalo River Valleys.

The names on the headstone read:

EN POW                                                                                            AH SAM

Whitfield Tennis

Whitfield Tennis Club has two tennis courts set in the picturesque King Valley Recreation Reserve at Whitfield.

Toilets are within the Recreation Reserve for players use and also playground equipment for children. Two fenced abandoned courts adjoin the existing courts which can be used as a children’s playground, riding bikes etc. This makes it very safe for children.

The club is an emerging club after being in recession for 15 years.  Coaching and the Hot Shots Program for juniors are available on Tuesday and Thursdaynights.  Social tennis is played on Thursday nights at 5.30 p.m. Yearly membership for juniors is $15, Adults $30 and a family membership of two adults and two children $70.  Visitors to the area are able to hire the courts for $10 an hour; a net is available at the Whitfield Store.

Any enquiries to Secretary/Treasurer -Reta Sheppard on 0357209337, email or President – Joel Pizzini on 0429401732, email

A TEAM of young hot shots are helping bring tennis back to the Whitfield community through the innovative Tennis Australia program for kids.

The ‘ANZ Tennis Hot Shots” program has taken off at the local courts, attracting as many as 22 players this year all aged from five to 12 years old.

Whitfield Tennis Club secretary and coach Reta Sheppard said while she was initially somewhat skeptical about the program which enables kids as young as three to take part by using a smaller court area and lighter equipment, the results have been remarkable. “When I first saw it I had my doubts, but the kids love it and they cotton on really quickly,” she said.

‘All the activities are based around the skills you actually use in tennis and with this, they’re able to be part of it all the time – so it’s not surprising it has taken off everywhere.” It has also breathed new life into the Whitfield Tennis Club, where no teams have played since the year 2000. Disappointed that the facilities were not being used and having seen the program demonstrated in Melbourne a couple of years ago, Reta decided to give it a go in Whitfield and advertised it at the primary school. 

“The response was amazing,” she said.  “The parents love to because they don’t have to travel to Wangaratta for their children to take part.” Children wanting formal coaching have been working with Doug Smith from All Stars Tennis in Wangaratta who was engaged to lend a hand, while the younger kids develop their skills with volunteers Reta, Pam Deeker and Peter Hanley, supported by the local parents.

The success has motivated the club to get back into business, with Joel Pizzini taking on the role of president, supported by vice president Peter Hanley and Reta as secretary/treasurer. “We have a committee of five and we’re keen try to get competition going again, and now we’ll have kids who are ready to go into a team,” said Reta. “We plan to start with social tennis, and hopefully achieve our dream of having lights at the courts. “lt’s really too hot here to play tennis at 5pm during the summer, so with lights we’ll be able to play in the evening.”

While the club will explore any available funding opportunities, in the meantime it hopes to attract as many members as it can to get the club up and operational again.

Anyone interested in finding out more call Reta or email



TYPO Station

Step into Victoria’s premier High Country homestead at Typo Station. A former historic cattle station, this lovingly restored home features wrap around verandas, huge entertaining spaces and the best in designer furnishings. Get a group together for a special occasion, or share the peace and tranquility with a loved one. No matter what your choice is, Typo Station is designed to impress.

1334 Rose River Road, Rose River

5729 8223


Paradise Falls

Powers Lookout



Harry Power, last of Australia’s infamous bushrangers, was captured at his hideout on 5 June 1870. Today it’s a popular spot to visit both for the superb view of the King Valley 300 metres or so below and for its part in Australian bushranger history (and its connection with Ned Kelly, in  particular). 

Transported in 1840 at the age of 21 for theft, Power served his seven-year sentence and then had no trouble with the law for 13 years. He had learned to ride very well as a boy, helping his father as gamekeeper to the Marquis of Waterford.

One day he was falsely accused of horse theft by a pair of drunken troopers, resulted in an exchange of gunshots, for which Power received a 10-year sentence. He had been released and gaoled again when he escaped from Pentridge Prison in 1869 when he was 50 years old and decided to become a bushranger.

Harry had met some of Ned’s uncles, Jack and Tom Lloyd, in gaol and went to see them while on the run after his escape. Thus he met the Quinns (Ellen’s parents) and made arrangements to build his base camp on the escarpment behind their property, which was surrounded by a loop of the King River like a moat. The way to Power’s Lookout lay across a small bridge which was just behind Quinns’ and a peacock tethered on their roof was always ready to shriek a warning of interlopers.

Power enjoyed storytelling and the attention it drew and it’s likely the Kelly boys hung on his every word as he regaled listeners with tales of his involvement in peasant uprisings against the British troops and Parliament back in Ireland (from which he bore sabre scars on his face).

Power’s lasting fame was guaranteed when he took on 14-year-old Ned Kelly as his ‘apprentice’. Together they carried out a string of robberies and holdups in which Ned learned the tricks of the trade, including bushcraft, as they moved from one crime scene to the next at bewildering speed.

After his release in 1885 Power led an honest life for the next six years and accidentally drowned while fishing in the Murray River at Swan Hill in 1891.

At the Lookout’s car park you’ll find interpretative signage, shelter and toilets.

powers lookout

A tavola! Cooking School with Katrina Pizzini

Katrina’s hands on classes will leave participants relaxed, empowered and inspired by the end of each session.

All cooking classes are taught in the purpose built A tavola! Cooking School at Pizzini Wines.

The kitchen is equipped for up to ten participants in each class. Cooking classes run annually excluding the months of August and September. Each class runs for approximately four hours.

Bookings can be made online (below), by calling the winery on phone 03 5729 8278 or via email Inquiries regarding private group bookings (friends, family or corporate) are welcome.


Standard Class Price: $140
Vino e Vita Club Member: $130
Additional guest for lunch only: $33

Pastries and Puds

Master the art of making different types of pastry for use in both savoury and sweet dishes. Not just about pastry – learn how to make some lovely dessert dishes too.

Pasta, Gnocchi & Risotto

Make pasta and the perfect gnocchi and the sauces that go with them. Participants will also learn how to make the perfect risotto.

Lunching Ladies… & Lads

Ladies who lunch will love this class. A combination of our cooking classes, prepare entree, main and dessert, then sit and chat with old and new friends over lunch. Lads are welcome!

Antipasti, Tapas & Dumplings

Prepare an array of entree sized dishes to serve as starters, from dumplings, gyoza and tapas and lots in-between.

Corporate, Educational
& Social Groups

Gather work colleagues, like minded friends and family
or study groups and choose your own class from the
classes listed. Start either 10am or 4pm.

Whistle Stop Tour of Street Food

A world tour of dishes enjoyed by the populous including curries, noodles, kebabs, fishcakes and salads.

Vegan cooking

The Vegan diet is more than a way of eating, it is becoming a lifestyle choice for those that are aware of the sustainability of our earth’s resources as well as healthy food choices. This class will enhance your repertoire as it will cover both savoury and sweet dishes.

Gnocchi 3 Ways

If only life was as sweet as Nonna’s gnocchi! This class will focus on making potato gnocchi, ricotta gnocchi as well as other vegetables that you can use to make this family favourite.

Single & Loving It

Lean how to make delicious and interesting dishes for one; maximising flavour and saving time and effort.

Getting Ready for Xmas

Join Katrina to learn how to make a selection of dishes that can be added to your family’s new food traditions for Christmas Day.

Blokes & Barrels

Class $175 per person, Vino e Vita wine club $165

Alfred makes a cameo appearance in this class, so gather your mates and have fun while learning new recipes and skills. After lunch Alfred takes you to his inner sanctum where you will have an educational wine experience you will never forget.


Class and Dinner : $195
Dinner Only: $145
Wine Tasting: $45

The Dinner Party

Gather 16-20 people for an afternoon of cooking and a long evening of eating. Eight members of the group will spend the afternoon in the kitchen with Katrina preparing a four course feast, while the remainder of the group can spend their time exploring the King Valley.
In the evening everyone sits down to the dishes prepared during the afternoon, each course will be paired with a Pizzini wine.

A special wine tasting can be organised for those not cooking for The Dinner Party, including a vineyard tour and barrel tasting in the winery.

Pig on a spit dinner party

Our popular dinner party class with a twist. Gather 16-20 people for a memorable afternoon. Eight to ten members of the group will spend the afternoon with Katrina and Alfredo preparing a show stopping spit roast pig and delicious accompaniments, while the remainder of the group can choose to have an educational wine experience in the vineyard and at Cellar Door. As evening rolls the whole group gather at Cellar Door to enjoy the feast.

A special wine tasting can be organised for those not cooking for The Dinner Party, including a vineyard tour and barrel tasting in the winery.

Whitfield District Golf Course

The Whitfield Golf Club  is a 9 hole PAR 64 course with undulating sand greens . Each hole presents its own challenges, they are so variable,it makes for an interesting and challenging course.
Should the Club shed be unattended, there is an ‘Honour box’ and score cards are available. The nineteenth hole is the MountainView Hotel adjacent to the course.

10 King Valley Road Whitfield
03 5729 8270
Open daily